Friday 28 December 2012

Rainbow Scarf Revealed

I mentioned my plan to knit a scarf before here so thought it only fair to update you on how it went.
This was the blueprint:

rainbow scarf, computer drawing, infographic, planning, knitting, scarf

And this is what it looked like before:

yarn, rainbow yarn, knitting, striped scarf, rainbow scarf, before

And this is after:
rainbow, yarn, scarf, homemade, knitting, rainbow scarf, striped scarf, rainbow stripes
It was more difficult and less perfect than I expected. I knitted a few scarves a few years ago and was mighty proud of them so went into this project with my blueprint and my planning and some confidence in my learned-from-the-internet knitting abilities. I still like it quite a lot and Z1 seems to too so that is good. It's definitely a "Unique Handmade Item where variations in colour and texture only serve to highlight that it's one of a kind."*
*Translation: Please ignore any dropped stitches and the inconsistency in width of stripes, it was made with LOVE, dammit.