Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Candy Canes, Bolognese and Artistic Sensibilities

pipe cleaners, craft, Christmas craft, candy canes, Christmas decorations, tree decorations
pipe cleaners, craft, Christmas craft, candy canes, Christmas decorations, tree decorations
Spot the difference
Sometimes I have to start something in order to get Z1's interest. It was her idea to make candy canes out of paper. She does love a good candy cane.

When I started making this, I hadn't really thought it through to the end. I rolled up the paper, bent it into shape, secured a few ends with tape, held it up to show a very unimpressed Z1 and stirred the bolognese while musing upon whether I should paint the candy cane or colour it in.

Then it hit me - inspiration: pipe cleaners to make it striped as a candy cane should be. Genius! Pipe cleaners to the rescue again. I then realised that I should have used one in the middle of the paper roll too so it would hold its shape. I didn't want to undo the tape and red pipe cleaner stripe so I poked a pipe cleaner into the curve and trimmed the edge so you can't see it. More genius improvisation.

I asked Z1 if she thought I should put a green pipe cleaner on too, in an effort to include her. I then ignored her when she said "yes", admired my candy cane and put it on the tree. She took it down and added the green later. I think it ruined the simplicity  but this was supposed to be for the children so I let it be, though it hurt my artistic soul.

I must say, it looked a lot better than I expected on the tree. I'd consider making them again.

Points to note: Hurrah - we did a craft today despite the bed-hopping last night. Also despite an excess of exposure to bodily fluids on the journey home from work and school (though, in fairness, Husband bore the brunt of the exposure).


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