Monday 10 December 2012

Pine cones! Glitter! Christmassy!

pine cones, Christmas, craft, snowflakes, snowflake tablecloth
(with snowflake tablecloth)
Oh my, today was fun: from picking up pine cones in the playground of Z1's school garnering funny looks from other slightly early lingering parents (also from Z1 through the window though I didn't know that at the time) to squidging the glitter glue and pink glittery paint onto the cardboard ready to be spread about. Z1 even declared it to be "a lot of fun" a couple of times. Z2 joined in too.

children, crafting, crafts, snowflake tablecloth
Working hard
(note egg carton Advent calendar
in the background)
I think the beauty of glitter glue and glittery paint is that it's really easy to tidy up and wash afterwards. I am not in the least bit obsessive about things being clean and tidy, it's more that I don't like cleaning but I do feel an obligation to attempt to keep things clean. I was perfectly happy for the Zeds to squidge and rub and smear in a way I am not with other paint. Although, as I type that, I realise that poster paint is equally cleanable so it might be to do with the fact that even the mess of glitter glue looks pretty. Aaaaaah, sparkles.

The Husband and I wanted to hang them on the tree but Z1 wanted to put them on display so, without further ado, here they are.
pine cones, glitter, Christmas, craft, children's crafts
Glitter pine cones
(in vase in the centre picture)

In other news: The heart shaped Borax Christmas decoration turned out nicely.


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