Sunday 2 December 2012

The joy of jingly bells

The wreath did not start well.
The coat hanger I was planning to use had been commandeered as a poker for a hair-blocked drain.
My brave trip to Dollarama for some materials after a day full of ballet, Advent calendar creation, Spiderman birthday party and overtired bedtime for the Zeds ended in failure when I discovered our local Dollarama closes two hours earlier on Saturdays than it does during the week.
The pair of pliers I employed for shaping a fresh coat hanger into a wreath shape was an unfit tool for the job*
Z1 seemed a lot  more interested in Garfield on the telly and Z2 was very tired.

However, I bribed the Zeds to think persuaded the Zeds that making a wreath would be a lot of lovely fun. Well, actually, I got Z2 to nap to cure his terrible twos and only had to bribe Z1.

tinsel, wreath, jingle bells, pine cones, Christmas, craft, crafting with children
Complete wreath

jingle bells, ribbon, pipe cleaner, decoration, crafts, crafting, Christmas, children's crafts, craft with children
Z1's decoration materials
Our wreath is made of a coat hanger, tinsel, jingly bells, pipe cleaners and pine cones. It is adorning our porch and I am delighted. It did not capture Z1's attention at all, though, despite the sparkly tinsel. She liked the jingle bells and, while I was out in the damp air hanging the wreath, she gathered the materials you see here to make her own decoration.

jingle bells, pipe cleaners, decoration, Christmas, Christmas decoration
In progress              Complete      

It's a Christmassy wind chime and is now prominently displayed alongside the wreath. I declare Conquering Christmas, day 2 a success.

*or perhaps I am not very good at using pliers and/or shaping coat hangers


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