Sunday 16 December 2012

Pipe Cleaners and their Wondrousness

We do not have any pipe smokers in this house. I imagine that most houses do not, these days. I bought a load of pipe cleaners to prepare to conquer Christmas and they were a very good purchase indeed. Z1 has taken to them like nothing else. She's made several creations on her own with no help at all.
I present to you:

1. Beaded pipe cleaner bracelets which I also mentioned here. She's made a few more for other people who are important like me. But she made mine first so I am the most important. Of course.
2. A pipe cleaner necklace with pipe cleaner bead. The pipe cleaner bead was inspired by me not getting around to pouring her some beads to work with quickly enough. I find that being a bit too busy to help/play inspires a bit of creativity in the Zeds so I often occasionally employ this tactic to get a bit of a break and/or the washing up done stimulate and encourage their brains.
pipe cleaner, craft, children, kindergarden craft, Christmas decoration, Christmas bauble
Pipe cleaner bauble

3. A pipe cleaner bauble. It certainly used a lot of pipe cleaners but I think it looks rather good, I really do. I came down this morning to discover she had made this. She has made other scrunched up pipe cleaner things that aren't really particularly useful or attractive but I like this one.

4. And finally, there were was the Christmas wind chime with jingly bells

In other news:

  •  I saw Rise of the Guardians today and, oh my, what wonderful animation. Animated glitter, both good and evil!
  • Someone found this site by googling "Borax crystal pine cones" and I have been inspired,
  • This time next week I will be in Dublin - wippidy woppidy woooooooo hoooooo!


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