Monday 3 December 2012

Snowflakes, starfish and bolognese

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I thought this one would be a good one. One that Z2 could join in too. One they could both work away at while I got dinner ready in a scene of domestic creativity. Beads and pipe-cleaners, easy peasy.

Z1 has been learning about patterns at school so I hoped for a beautifully colour-coordinated snowflake just like her excellent job on the Advent calendar chocolates. I had even dared to hope she'd use the blue and clear beads for an icy effect. My hopes were dashed when she embraced her love of rainbows and pink and purple* while flicking between various Christmas tunes on YouTube.

Z2 kept telling me he needed his hand. I eventually figured out that he meant that he needed "a hand" but, as I had to cook the bolognese, he ended up sitting this craft out.

I sat down with the Zeds to join in once the bolognese was simmering. Z2 had totally lost interest, Z1 was busily working away so I decided to make one myself. Z1 had started hers off nicely with a pattern but, as she was distracted by the Christmas tunes playing on my laptop,  it had become rather haphazard. When I sat down, she ordered that I do a rainbow one. I argued a little that I wanted to do my own pattern but to no avail. Then, when she saw my stunningly excellent rainbow one, she decided that she wanted to do one like that and pulled all the beads off hers. Just in time for dinner. My arguments that no two snowflakes are exactly alike fell on deaf ears. Sigh.

After an interlude for dinner and bath, we moved our work into the sitting room and continued. I got to do one of my own while Z1 concentrated on her rainbow one.

We produced these beauties and we plan to hang them outside with the wreath and jingle bell wind chime. Although I can't help thinking they look more like starfish than snowflakes, I still really like them and I may even make a few more now that the Zeds are in bed.
beads, pony beads, pipe cleaners, snowflakes, Christmas crafts, Christmas, children, crafts for children
Starfish snowflakes

*an initial dashing of hope also occurred when I looked at the packet of beads and realised there were no clear beads

You may also be interested to know:
  1.  These beads are called "pony beads" according to the packet - is that common knowledge?
  2. The age recommendation on the packet of beads was 8+. Clearly Z1 is very advanced
  3. The bolognese was delicious
  4. This post-a-day pace may not continue alongside the craft-a-day. 


  1. They are lovely! We've done wool weaving around the pipe cleaner prongs, but not tried this before. I really enjoyed your story too, very relatable.

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Wool weaving is a great idea...maybe spider webs, I think that would go down well with my Zeds.

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