Saturday 15 December 2012

More Glitter. Also Bubbles.

Bubble bubble. Glittery Nails (Z1) and glittery dough
The ornaments I produced - could do better.
(Probably will do better as I have plenty left)
I mostly decided to do this because of the description of it as "super soft and pliable". It just sounded lovely. Also, the use of silver glitter to make it decorative makes it a one step craft - no waiting for it to be ready to decorate. Aaah, glitter.

My favourite bits of this were the lovely bubbles when cooking it up and kneading the glitter in (I used gold, not silver 'cause I used all the silver up in my beloved snow globe which might, truth be told, actually have too much glitter though, really, it doesn't 'cause too much glitter doesn't exist when dealing with snow globes and Christmas crafts.)

Z1 wasn't in the least bit interested though she did happily roll some into a ball while watching Toy Story 2 with be-glittered nails. Z2 was napping.

Practical information: I rolled it out on my counter but it got a bit sticky and hard to take off the counter so would probably do it on greaseproof paper or on the baking sheet when I do it again.  I also let them air dry which has only taken a few hours and they seem to be good to go.

Credit where credit is due: I found this via Pinterest at The Imagination Tree here. They found it somewhere else but since it was the "supersoft and pliable" description and their pin that drew me in, I am crediting them.


  1. I know my daughter would absolutely LOVE glittery dough! Great idea. Our kitchen is covered in glitter - maybe I could roll some plain dough on the floor?...
    You've made some lovely things this month x