Thursday 13 December 2012

A Snowglobe 24 Years in the Making

reindeer, glitter, snowglobe, Christmas craft
Glittery reindeer
glitter, reindeer, snowglobe, homemade snowglobe, Christmas craft,
Before I turned it over
(I should have painted
the Ragu jar lid more
Could it ever have lived up to my expectations? I have been longing to make a snowglobe since I was about eight, I think. I can remember recipes where dessicated coconut was recommended as snow and one where glycerin was suggested so the snow would swirl more gently.
Today's long-awaited snowglobe was made without input from Z1 (she was too busy playing in a box and trying to remember how to write vampire) but with some advice from Z2. We had a choice of a reindeer or some snow-topped fir trees as figurines and he chose the reindeer. Just as well because he knocked the fir tree off the table a moment later and it broke.
glitter, snowglobe, reindeer, homemade snowglobe, craft, Christmas craft
Slightly forlorn reindeer
when the glitter stopped
I painted the lid of the jar with acrylic paint and glitter glue a few days ago to get it all ready for today.
glitter, snowglobe, reindeer, homemade snowglobe, craft, Christmas craft
Glittery reindeer gazing
wisely at the world
And, y'know, it's nice. It's got sparkly glitter and water and swirling, so it's definitely nice but what am I to dream of making now?
Also, I should not be trusted with superglue.

Credit where credit is due: I found this simple version of a homemade snowglobe at this blog which seems to be in Chinese via Pinterest


  1. Love your forlorn reindeer picture ;o) glad you snowglobe worked out well, looks like ou've been one super busy lady!

    1. I genuinely thinks he looks forlorn in that pic compared to the others! We have been busy but it's been nice and it's made me realize there often is time between getting home from school and getting dinner on to do something with the Zeds.

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