Friday 7 December 2012

Pyssla-ed off again

small girl, Pyssla, IKEA, craft
 Someone found my blog by googling "Christmas Pyssla", this is for them, though they are probably long gone, departing disappointed in the lack of Christmassy Pyssla-craft to be found here.

Z1 asked to get the beads out this morning as she wanted to make a snowflake shape but then decided she didn't know how and once  more took on a directorial role.

 I was working happily enough until I picked the darn thing up to go and iron it and spilled the beads off. My slave master made me do it again and, to be honest, I quite like the finished product. Hurrah.

Important Note: This may be a BONUS POST as we have other things planned today. Isn't Friday grand?!

Important follow-up note: We didn't do any other crafts today after all but Friday is still grand, right?