Friday 4 January 2013

3 Post Scripts on Conquering Christmas

1. Our house smelled delightful - of gingerbread and Christmas tree - on our return from our trip to Dublin (and a very nice trip it was too).
2. Z1 set to work once she had her coat off and said "I know what our Christmas decoration for today can be" so clearly enjoyed conquering Christmas. Hurrah! (She drew a Christmas tree which I cut out for her, she threaded with a pipe cleaner and hung on the tree...which we'll take down this evening. Sigh.)
3. The Borax crystals have all fallen off the pinecone that we crystallised. I think this was 'cause of the pinecone opening up in the warmth of the house and cracking the cyrstals 'cause the other crystal decorations  are still sparkly and intact.

Happy New Year!

UPDATE - I have since noticed that this morning she also wrote (with help from The Husband) "Deck the Halls" on a piece of paper, threaded a pipe cleaner through it and hung it on the tree. This girl is on a roll. Two questions: 1. Do I keep these for next year? (Ah yeah, I think I better). 2. How long do you think she'll keep making decorations for?