Friday 25 January 2013

Z1 and me: co-authors (with bonus bat)

This was an activity born of necessity. Once more, I had work to do when Z1 was not going to be otherwise engaged and I needed to keep her happily and quietly occupied. Or, at the very least, occupied.

book, make your own book, kindergarten book, write your own book, draw your own book
Words but no pictures
She has made a few books before so it wasn't a new idea and I hoped she'd comply when the time came. I prepared by folding a piece of paper into four and snipping the folded edges. I wrote the story so that she could draw the pictures. I fear the story was not the most magnificent of stories. Nor was it the most original of stories. In fact, the title has even been used before (see pic). However, I knew Z1 could draw a snowman so I thought it was a good place to start. I also prepared a back-up, blank book.

child's drawing, snowman
Cover complete
child's drawing, melted snowman
Sad children, melted snowman
snow, child's drawing
Threatening snow

It all went to plan. We read the words, she sat down to draw the pictures and showed me each one as she completed. The pictures here are highlights. She also drew me the bonus bat below. Hurrah.

child's drawing, bat
Wicked (in the sense of bad) bat


  1. I love that bat! What a talent.