Monday 14 January 2013

Introducing She-La (with apologies for any ensuing nightmares)

upcycling old children's clothes, upcycling curtains, diy stuffed toy
She-la: before
Old pyjama bottoms, two odd socks, two tiny footsock things, a white hanky, a too-small top and some unwanted frilly curtains - it all looks pretty unthreatening, right? Well, read on to find out how they became something that Husband didn't want me to put in Z1's room in the night in case it scared her.

Z1 decided it would be nice to make a teddy. I thought that was a great idea. I like to encourage her creativity. I like to encourage activities in the home that do not involve the television. This was good.

She came up with the idea on our way back from a failed trip to an exhibition (it was booked out) that turned out quite nicely 'cause we went to a cafe. I love going to cafes, even with  especially with the Zeds. I also wasn't terribly excited about the exhibition in the first place and neither were the Zeds...or the Husband for that matter. It's probably just as well we didn't get to go.

I stalled a bit when we get home, trying to think of materials and suggesting it might be a better project for another day but Z1 was insistent and beat my reluctance to pulp with her enthusiasm for such a wholesome activity.

We gathered the materials. We sat on the floor. We made the head first and Z1 drew on a face. This is where I realised that our teddy was going to be terrifying. The odd-shaped head somehow suggested cat ears to Z1 so she decided it was a cat. She then decided it was called "She-la" (spelling mine) as it was a "she". Ok, nice chats as we ripped up the curtain and stuffed it into the discarded clothes. I safety pinned them together for sewing after she was in bed. She-la was taking shape and she was creepy.

homemade stuffed toy, upcycled children's clothes
She-la downstairs
homemade stuffed toy, upcycled children's clothes
She-la upstairs
It took me 2 and a half hours to sew this monstrosity.
I had told Z1 that I would put it on the chair in her room once it was done. Husband insisted that this was a terrible idea and that she was bound to be scarred for life if she woke and saw She-la sitting there, watching her sleep. I tried to explain how both Z1 and Z2 seemed to really like her and were hugging her before she was even stitched together but I felt he had a fair point so put her on the landing chair (right) instead.

Z1 was very grateful this morning. She thanked me profusely, she noticed the cat paws I had sewn (I am quite proud of that detail) and remarked I had put a lot of hard work in. She-la came down to breakfast with Z1 and she laid a place for her at the table. It looks like she may become part of the family.

So, do you think sewing buttons on for eyes would make her more or less creepy?

Apologies are due here to those I know called Sile/Sheila. This cat does not remind me in any way of you. 


  1. Thank you so much! I am now going to giggle my way to bed! Well done for making She la, being a strictly 2d girl I commend your use of 3d crafting - I wouldn't dare attempt such a thing, sounds like you had a ball making it too Well done indeed I LOVE it and may to to Pinterest her too!

    Brilliant!! Samantha Barnes

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and Pin away! I did get absorbed in the sewing and have been planning a (hopefully less terrifying) one!