Thursday 10 January 2013

Continuing side effects from conquering Christmas (with pipe cleaners!)

pipe cleaner, children's crafts, crafts, decorations
Clockwise, starting top left: kitchen drawer,
piece de resistance on the front door handle,
one on the foot of the swivel chair, one around
the leg of the (unused and in need of giving away)
highchair, chain on the tea towel rack, jingle bell
on the oven handle.
Though Z1's enthusiasm for the craft-a-day schedule leading up to Christmas waxed and waned, it has clearly left an impression. The beloved pipe cleaners, of which we had many, have now all been used up. I think pictures will speak louder than words in this instance so feast your eyes on the photos and be informed that this is just a selection of the magnificent pipe cleaner decorations that have been created, most of them on Saturday morning while I was having a lie in (Husband encourages a bit of art before telly on weekend mornings). They are adorning all manner of unexpected places downstairs.

You may also be interested to know:

  • The gingerbread house came to a sad end when Z2 was trying to sneak a few jellybeans and pulled it from the counter to the floor. I encouraged both Zeds to grab what they could before I swept it up. 
  • While initially reluctant to throw the egg carton advent calendar out, Z1 put it in the recycling bin when she realised that it was hard to lay the table with it still there. Hurrah for getting small children to help with chores: table laid AND glittery-torn-egg-cartons-stuck-to-a-cut-up-cereal-box disposed of willingly.


  1. Such lovely, creative works of art. I think we have a few lying around as well :)

    1. Thanks. I was rather intrigued by some of her choices of where to put them.

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