Wednesday 30 January 2013

Planning and wishing for cold weather

Ah, we've been on a go-slow with the crafts for a few days. Both the Zeds seem to have suddenly discovered their Christmas toys and have been busy with them. Also, we have run out of pipe cleaners which are pretty much craft essentials.

I do have plans though. Sneaky plans and clever tricks. Ok, well, not particularly sneaky plans and possibly not particularly clever tricks but definite plans.

With Pinterest as my muse, I had considered doing something like these melted bead decorations but I fear we might poison ourselves with the fumes from melting them in the oven or, at the very least, stink the house out.

However, this weekend I have plans for garden decorations if winter would just cooperate and cool down again (12C in Canada, in January! What's that about?). In fact, I am now getting excited about it and may just execute the plan tonight as the forecast is telling me it should be below zero again. Watch this space, there may be balloons on it the next time you look.


  1. I am very intrigued by your garden decorating project. I hope the weather cooperates!

    1. I hope it works as nicely as the picture I saw!