Thursday 15 November 2012

Why I think Christmas in November is fine

I will admit to reluctance in beginning to publicly post here, a blog with Christmas in the title,  in October but once I got the idea for the blog and the project, I just wanted to get started.

However, further musings on the whole thing have led me to feel that, whatever about Christmas in October (we have to give Hallowe'en a chance, after all), Christmas in November is fine. Here is why.

Looking forward to and planning Christmas occupies the part of my brain that is dreading the  cold weather. (This applies to anyone in the northern hemisphere, those in the southern hemisphere will have to find their own reason.) There is a reason pagans instigated midwinter festivals - it just makese sense.

There are also good reasons for early Christmas planning to do with getting parcels and cards to people in farflung places and there are financial reasons if you're a big gift-giver but that's a bit boring, really. No, I am justifying it on the basis that it's going to be cold and it's going to be dark so rather than looking ahead to temperatures falling and evenings drawing in, I am embracing plans to bring light and sparkle and delicious things into my house and I think you should too.

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This house (which is not my house) put up all these decorations on November 11th this year.
 (They also decorate well for many other occasions.)
Exciting update: As the Zeds and I were walking home past this house the other day, we were invited into the garden to look closer and then inside to see their amazing, rotating, highly decorated tree. We were all delighted with ourselves altogether.


  1. Planning is fine, but I think actually having decorations up or eating mince pies or listening to Christmassy music just means that by the time Christmas comes around none of those things is special any more.

    1. hmm, I do see what you mean but must respectfully disagree -we will be adding to the decorations as December goes by so the special will be building up!
      Growing up, we would decorate usually after we got holidays from school so right before Christmas so I get your school of thought...I think I've been converted thought! Last year, Christmas seemed to build up from November in the Zeds daycare and consequently at home and I loved it!

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