Monday 12 November 2012

How blogging has changed me OR I've become one of THOSE people

Two things happened this weekend that illustrate to me how this project, and keeping this blog, have changed me. So, without further ado, I have illustrated them for you (inspired by Amber Dusick who has shown me that Crappy illustrations can actually be rather wonderful and has also made me laugh out loud a number of times )

The events were:

1. We finished a box of cereal
crafts, crafting, cereal boxes, cheerios, computer drawing, drawing
2. Z1 said she would like a rainbow-coloured, non-itchy scarf after we passed a yarn shop with its fence all wrapped in soft and colourful yarn (The shop was Lettuce Knit which is online here but in Toronto in real life )
rainbow scarf, planning scarf, striped scarf, knitting scarf, knitting, pattern, stripes

So there you have it, blogging changes your life and recycling habits.

SHOCKING UPDATE: On the very day I published this post, we finished another box of cereal and I went to put the empty box with the previous one but my beloved husband had thrown it out. The horror!


  1. That first scarf doesn't look too bad - my proper unplanned one would have no green - because I started on the blue and didn't want to unravel everything.

    1. Thanks! I actually contemplated making the first scarf look messier as I agree that it looks quite nice...but then I don't tend to be very critical of my own crafts (as mentioned elsewhere!). I think I once unravelled a scarf as it was too wide..or too narrow..and I was very proud of my commitment to getting it right!

  2. This is so true! The joy of cereal boxes :)

  3. Glad you agree! I have now graduated to the joy of egg cartons - watch this space!

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