Thursday 8 November 2012

Think of the children

Hallowe'en, giraffe costume, children, dressed-up, dressing up, long braids, long plaits, pigtails, watching, waiting
My plans for this blog were mostly about me. It is only in the last week I started to wonder whether the Zeds would be as enthused as I am about doing lots of crafts.

Today, we spotted some fairy lights and Z1 asked if we would decorate for Christmas and when.

(As an aside, don't be surprised if I talk more about Z1 than Z2, it's not that she's my favourite, that varies on a day-to-day and sometimes hour-to-hour basis*, it's just that she talks more and talks more articulately that Z2 what with being 4 and a half rather than 2 and a bit.)

I waffled a bit about waiting 'til December and that she has a day off school one day and we might decorate after that** but - and here is where I get to the point - we might make some decorations before that. To my great delight, she got very excited and said "Oh, we can we make chains like we did last year and hang them in all the doors, I loved doing that!". She remembered! And she liked it! Maybe I have stumbled upon a rather good idea. (She also told me she remembers making snowman cookies. Which we never did.)

*Joking. I don't have a favourite child. Mostly.
** 8th of December in case you're interested. Partly 'cause I got a Groupon-style deal for a professional cleaner who is coming on the 7th, so that weekend my house will be all shiny and clean AND, when we're done, Christmassy. Hurrah. 


  1. Lovely blog idea. Looking forward to seeing all of your crafts. x

    1. Thank you! I think it'll be quite a challenge to do crafts every day AND blog about it! Might have to do 3 days at once to avoid blogging overload...we shall see. It's lovely to get a comment.