Thursday 29 November 2012

It's the final countdown

eggs, egg box, egg carton, thinking outside the box, egg carton, spotty tablecloth
Thinking outside the box
(har de har har)
December starts on Saturday and we still haven't finished all the eggs in the second egg box to facilitate the Advent calendar. However, I have dug into the depths of my creativity and adaptability and decided the eggs can go in a bowl in order to liberate the box (or carton).

Hershey's kisses, candy, Christmas candy, chocolate, Hershey's, sweets
Ready to be gobbled 1 a day
by the Zeds
I have bought Hershey's kisses to put in as the daily treat. In my years of Advent calendars, we didn't get ones with chocolates in them...well, maybe we did one year...but times have changed. Two chocolates will be placed in each egg space (was going to write "egg hole" but it sounded wrong and possibly rude) so each Zed gets a treat on opening. Although it seems rather decadent and not very sensible to have chocolate at breakfast-time, I think we will be doing the opening in the morning. Perhaps I should replace the Hershey's kisses with chocolate chee-ay-os* as more breakfast-suitable. I won't, though.

Z1 and I ventured into Walmart and loaded up on paint and glue and pipe cleaners and the like last Saturday. Disaster was averted when I checked Pinterest before choosing the coffee filters for the coffee filter snowflakes.

Yep, it's the Final Countdown and I'm raring to go.

*Z2's terminology (for Cheerios)

You may also be interested to know:
 1.   There were only 3 silver-wrapped  Hershey's Kisses in the packet that I opened for the photo.
 2.   I only ate 3 of the sweets when I opened a packet to take the photo. I am not sure if this shows my   
        willpower the inferior quality of Hershey's Kisses. The 3 I ate were not the silver ones.


  1. It's alright - it can never be considered decadent if it's Hershey's. (Ewww. The poor Zeds being so far away from proper chocolate! :op)

  2. Well, yes, the Hershey's isn't great but it's shiny and a good size for the egg craters! To be honest, we can get ok chocolate here so I suppose I am just being cruel.

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