Friday 17 January 2014

Life gave us mangoes (so we made not-banana bread)

baking, banana bread, mangoes, fruit, mango bread, chocolate
This cakey bread delights me for a number of reasons:
  1. When baked in a loaf tin, I consider cake to be somewhat wholesome and I put it in Z1's lunchbox with pride
  2. I have a very lovely friend who hates bananas. Really, really hates them. This means that any time I bake with bananas, I feel a little like I am betraying her. This is irrational, particularly given that she is very unlikely to pop in for a cup of tea and be repulsed by my offer of banana-based baked goods as she doesn't live on the same continent as me. For this cakey bread, I substituted mangoes for bananas in the recipe so I didn't have to betray her at all.
  3. By substituting mangoes, I was able to use up the tinned mangoes that I thought would delight the Zeds but, unfortunately, were rather tasteless and not really worth eating. Using up things like that fills me with quite a lot of happiness (see here for a previous example of this )
  4. It tasted nice and the Zeds and even Husband gobbled it up which, as I have mentioned before, doesn't always happen in my house.
You may also be interested to know:
I used a recipe for "chocolate banana cake" (but put my drained tin of mangoes in instead of the required banana) from the BBC recipe website but the page isn't loading at the moment so I can't link directly to it.


  1. Haha. Ingenious substitution! :) Sounds like a win-win. x