Friday 1 February 2013

Icy Colourful Marbles - progress report

Day 1 - poking the snow-dusted
I may have uttered a few curses under my breath as the icy wind attempted to flay the skin from my cheeks while I walked through the car park to work on Thursday morning, but I thought of my slowly freezing garden sculptures and bravely toughed it out.

I had checked the temperature immediately on waking: it was -1C. By the time we were leaving the house, we had a light dusting of snow and it was -3C. Poking the balloons revealed that there was some crunchiness but they were definitely not solid ice. By 11am, it had reached -4C and I was at my desk thinking of my balloons.

More snow had fallen by the time we got home. A poke let us know that they were significantly icier than the morning. A shake revealed some slooshing. Temperatures are forecast to continue dropping - it should be -7C overnight and -8C by morning. I think we'll be snipping and exposing our icy jewels on Friday evening. I am rather excited.
ice sculpture with balloons, craft with kids, winter activity
Day 1 - in the evening