Friday, 22 February 2013

Baby Bels and Waxy McWax

wax, pom pom, googly eyes, craft, kid's craft, children's craft, craft creature
Waxy McWax
Z1 made this little beauty while I was making dinner one evening. She had a mini Baby Bel cheese to stop her fading away while dinner was cooking and I gave her the wax to play with. Next thing I knew she was asking me to open the glitter glue. Kindly and firmly, I told her I was glad she enjoyed doing crafts but it was dinner time, not glitter glue time. I continued cooking dinner. This involves having my back turned to the rest of the kitchen. When I turned around, there were globs of glitter glue, along with this little guy, on the kitchen table. Sigh. At least glitter glue is easy to clean up.


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