Monday 22 April 2013

A twinkly tortoise

Sometimes, when Z1 is watching television, she gets jiggly and fidgety. My first guess is usually that she needs to go to the toilet but, in fact, it is more frequently an urge to go and make or draw something that she has just had an idea for but can't quite pull herself away from the screen to get the materials for.

glitter glue, glitter, craft, tortoise, art
Glitter glue tortoise
glitter glue, tortoise, art, kid's art, children's art, glitter
Destroyed glitter glue tortoise
On Saturday, she turned to me in the middle of Gnomeo and Juliet (the weather had changed from early summer back to winter and I was damned if I was going back outside after having dragged the three of us off to ballet in the morning) and she asked told me to draw a tortoise with glitter glue. Just like that - no warning or preamble or context. I think I rose to the challenge. Sadly, she ruined it. The carefully executed tortoiseshell has been destroyed.

She then went on to draw this. Despite appearances, she assures me it is not a clown.

drawing, glitter glue, children's art, kid's art
Not a glitter glue clown


  1. I almost shed a tear at seeing the demise of the tortoise! It was very lovely! (I may be a bit emotional right now - the for sale sign has just gone up outside our house)

    1. I know - it was hard to watch! Hope your house sells to lovely people that give you lots of money and seem like they will take care of the place!