Tuesday 5 March 2013

Good and bad things resulting from Sunday's gingerbread

 As I mentioned before, we made gingerbread on Sunday afternoon. I got a couple of comments and, in replying to them, I realised I hadn't mentioned some significant parts of our gingerbread experience. I have divided them into good and bad things.

Good thing: The baking gingerbread made our house smell lovely.

smiley, frowny
Bad thing: We really needed a nice smell to cover up the smoky smell that had been caused by me putting the butter in the preheating oven to soften it and then forgetting it. Dripping butter in a hot oven causes a lot of smoke.

Good thing: Our smoke alarm wasn't in the kitchen when the butter incident happened (don't worry, it's back where it belongs now) so didn't add to the smokey stress.

smiley, frowny
Bad thing: The oven handle came off while the oven was preheating which meant I had to fix it with a screwdriver while wearing oven gloves. This was a little perilous and quite annoying.

Good thing: I managed to fix it without swearing (audibly) and without burning myself or the Zeds.

Good thing: The gingerbread really is rather tasty and we have some  leftover dough still in the fridge to make more.

So, overall, the good outweighed the bad.


  1. Good gingerbread outweighs a whole lot of bad, in my view! :-)

    1. Yes, it is rather pleasing! Also, putting one in Z1's lunchbox feels like I am supermum.
      And, to top it all off, we got a lovely bag of hand-me-downs from one of the daycare staff so now I can bake the leftover dough for her as a thank you.