Sunday 28 October 2012

Planning, purpose and intentions

As I mentioned in the first post, Pinterest is really the reason that I started this blog - all those ideas, so much potential. Also, I want to spend December doing things other than mentally packing for our trip to Dublin and getting over-excited so the crafts and the conquering of these crafts and, consequently, of Christmas will serve this purpose well.

So that's what it will be to me but as I am putting it out there on the big bad internet, I have been thinking of how it should be for any readers who happen to read it.

To this end, as well as describing how me and the Zeds get on with any given craft, I figured I should give a quick guide to what's needed and how much it costs, and how much mess it causes and how much time it takes and how much efforttoo, so I'll be including that in little notes in each post. There is still more than a month 'til we even hit December so I am hoping to plan and refine the purpose of the blog as the month of November goes by so that the December package will be all that I want it to be. Suggestions welcome.